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M Row’s latest English single, Bad Day, was released through KJShotIt Channel. Find the correct lyrics to the song “Bad Day.”

📌 Song TitleBad Day Lyrics
🎤 SingerM Row
✍️ LyricsM Row
🎼 MusicM Row
🏷️ Music LabelM Row

Bad Day Lyrics

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Any Block, It Was Lit Where We Always Had Victim’s
Three Opps Died, Lost Bro To The System
He Was Duckin’ His Head, I Was Mad That I Missed Him
Maneuver, I Know He Mad That I Blitzed Them
Fuck The Opp Nigga Bitch, Then, She Went Back And Kissed Him
I’m Keeping Shit P Cause’ I Dead Coulda Dissed Him
Lil’ Shh- Got Shot, Then, Hopped Nigga Swished Him
I Still Can’t Believe To This Day, We Ain’t Spliff Him
Lil’ Jay, Why You Troll Me All Over That Live?
Better Ask What I Did To B-rose
Can’t Wait To The Day That I See Jay5ive
Used To Be On My Block Ridin’ Round’ With Fake Poles
I Won’t Evеn Lie, Used To Be On Thеy Side
I Was Jacking My F All The Time, Free The Bros
Can’t Jack All Them Niggas, I Think It’s My Pride
Niggas Been Knew The Vibes In The Side That I Chose
Anytime, They Send Addy, I Know That I Went
Like, How Many Shots Did I Send?
Free ❲?❳, Clear Crowds When We Bend
Flick Out The V, You Can’t See, We Got Tints
Five Percent, To Prevent
Cameras, Action, You Know How It Get
He Got Shot In His Back, He Tripped On Cement
He Ain’t Die, It Wasn’t Meant
All That Shit That Y’all Say In Y’all Tracks, It Don’t Matter
If I See Y’all Whip, Windows Shatter
It’s The Citizens App, I Just Made Niggas Scatter
I Really Get Active, Don’t Care For The Chatter
Brown Skin Bitch, Let Me Beat Up Her Bladder
She Think Her Ass Gettin’ Fatter
Stallion Bitch, I’m Climbin’ That Ladder
She Know I Got Rizz When I Notice Her Fashion
No Hips, We Got On The Limb ‘cause We Always Equipped
Free B-rah Fetti, My Favorite Crip
Anytime, It Was Lit, We Was Takin’ That Trip
Saw Shh In The Spot, You Know He Got Ripped
Had A Bad Day, Sad Case, Go Get A Grip
Don’t Run, Don’t Die, Keep A Chop, Don’t Slip
Y’all Always Gon’ Hide Fists Balled In Ya Whip
I’m Playin’ They Music, Yelling Out “sweep!”
First One Look Back, He Get Shot Up From Deep
Watch How I Creep, Oh, He Ain’t Peep
Bullets Gon’ Burn Him, They Put Him To Sleep
Shit’s Hit Different, Hollows Ain’t Cheap?
Bouncing His Body, Collapsed, He Was Weak
Was Choking On Blood, He Can’t Even Speak
But I Won’t Say His Name, They Gon’ Say I’m A Tweak
Sdot Go, Boy Needa Stop, You Ain’t Never Did Shit On My Block
I Spin By The Go, Took That On A Hop
Always Rap How You Been Up On Drills Wit’ The Chop
Running Shit Trash, Nigga, It’s Pop
He Ain’t Never Get Back Since The Day He Got Shot
Got Hit Up, Can’t Get Up, Heard That He Dropped
He Don’t Play Ball, Man, That Nigga A Flop

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