Boy Lyrics – BigXthaPlug ft. Big Yavo

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BigXthaPlug ft. Big Yavo’s brand-new English single, “Boy,” was released by BigXthaPlug Channel. Find the correct lyrics to the song “Boy.”

📌 Song TitleBoy Lyrics
🎤 SingerBigXthaPlug ft. Big Yavo
✍️ LyricsBigXthaPlug ft. Big Yavo
🎼 MusicBigXthaPlug ft. Big Yavo
🏷️ Music LabelBigXthaPlug ft. Big Yavo

Boy Lyrics

Start of the Lyrics

Let’s Go

Hey Big Bad What We Can Smoke Before A

Lot Of [  ] I Do [  ]

These [ __ ] Swear Jay Like Cole McCoy

I’m Serving Cooking Dead Like Chips Ahoy

I’m Rocking Water My [ __ ] Why Buy They

Got Horseshoe Inside The Garage

Take Care Of My Kids Try To Have A Half

Pull Up Get You Some Weed Hey What You

Know About Trying To Get Off Some Meds

Hey I’m Double Rapping His Eyes So Loud

When I Come Through You Can Hit Roll

Over Get Bread On The Wake Up Man That

New Glock That If You Can’t Do It Had To

Send A Pack Back Cause It Ain’t Much

Diamonds Hit Day And Night Like Kid Cudi

Pretty Ass Dick Case To Get Ugly Smack

And Tell Her Be Quiet Like A Because

Throw My Left Or My Right Make It Get


See I Jumped Off The Block Back When I

Was When I Pick Up My Wrists All These

[  ] Say [  ] They Hear This New

[  ] To Say And We Stepping On [  ] It

Ain’t Really Nothing New Audience

[ __ ] On My Wrist The Same Prices

A Lot Of [  ] I Do [  ] Can’t Afford

Inside The Garage

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