Dangerous Daringer Lyrics – Sauce Walka & Conway the Machine

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Popular artists Sauce Walka and Conway the Machine have a new English song called “Dangerous Daringer” that was released on SauceDatTV Channel. Find the correct Dangerous Daringer song lyrics.

📌 Song TitleDangerous Daringer Lyrics
🎤 SingerSauce Walka & Conway the Machine
✍️ LyricsSauce Walka & Conway the Machine
🎼 MusicSauce Walka & Conway the Machine
🏷️ Music LabelSauce Walka & Conway the Machine

Dangerous Daringer Lyrics

Y’all Already Know What Type Of Shit I’m On

Fuck The Motherfuckin’ Nonsense
Smack A Nigga With A Palmed Fist
Knock His IPhone Out His Hand
Drop A Sunkist, I’m On Mix
Wock And Red
This A Glock 40 On Me But It’s A Nine In The Head
It Shoot Both Of ‘Em
I Be Having Modified Guns
Transform Something, Decepticon
Every Day, I’m Walkin’ With A Weapon On
Steppin’ On Louis, Gooey
Whatever That Is
TSF Business, Sauce Walka, Been That Kid, That Did
Made A Couple Million Off Of That Bitch
What’s Her Name?
Don’t Matter, Nigga Motherfuck The Fame
My Bitch Not Rihanna But These Platinum Dollars
Put Her On A Billboard, She’ll Solve All Your Problems
Bitch A Genie And You Was Just A Weenie
Maybach Truck, ’21, Is How You See Me
Chrome Heart Beanie, But I Don’t Got No Love
Traphouse After Close, We Ain’t Got No Drugs
That’s How My Chest Is
Headshot Everything In The Car
Fuck Some Vests
Backflip Kick, Marshall Law
Off Of Tekken, And A Weapon
Niggas Better Duck When I Step In
God Here, Sitting Down At Churches Staying In God’s Field
Respect Nigga
It’s TSF, ‘Bout That Check Nigga
I Have A Crip With A 30 C Walk Ya Neck Nigga
Walk Was Two Years In The Game But Still A Vet, Nigga
I Done Made Some Broke Niggas Rich Up In The ‘Jects Nigga, Real Life
Tell Me What That Struggle Feel Like
Streets So Cold, Popsicles Don’t Wanna Feel Ice
Streets So Cold, Nigga, Life Froze From Shooting Dice
Hit ‘Em With The Nitrogen, He Never Saw His Wife Again
He Like To Win, But Be With Losers
You Wanna Play With Tim Duncan Or Carlos Boozer?
Like A Needle, I Maneuver Through The Haystack
Gettin’ Money Since Way Back, Since 8-Tracks
My Momma Was Breaking Tricks For Eight Racks
Seen So Many Muscle Head Niggas Shot In The Eight Pack
Tryna Be Damien Won’t Never Lift A Weight Again
Don’t Shake The Pen, And Die Free
Keep Thinking That Them Lil Niggas Ain’t Got None From Grease
A Lot Of Good Lives Is Weak When That Piece Come Out
Who Really Fucking With Them Wolves When They Teeth Come Out?
All This Trauma I Received, Made My Beast Come Out
Sauce Walka In Any City, Then The Streets Come Out

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