Do It All Again Lyrics – Lauren Spencer Smith

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The new English song Do It All Again by well-known performer Lauren Spencer Smith was released by Lauren Spencer Smith Channel. Find the correct Do It All Again song lyrics.

📌 Song TitleDo It All Again Lyrics
🎤 SingerLauren Spencer Smith
✍️ LyricsLauren Spencer Smith
🎼 MusicLauren Spencer Smith
🏷️ Music LabelLauren Spencer Smith

Do It All Again Lyrics

I Wrote This Just To Tell You
Cause I Finally Had The Chance To Realize
That What You Put Me Through Was Everything I Needed
Didn’t Know It In The Moment
That I Wanted Something Different
But I Only Saw The Broken
And Now I See The Reason

Why I Spent All Those Nights Crying
Nearly Getting Suicidal
Guess I’m Glad That All The Bad Turned Into Good

Oh I’m Thankful That I Lost You
Cause I Found Every Part Of Me
Oh The Healing, It Was Painful
But The Scars Didn’t Cut Too Deep
Cause I Finally Found Somebody Else
And He Loves The Things About Myself
That You Never Loved
I Wish I Coulda’ Seen How This Would End
Cause Now I Know How It All Ends And I’d Do It All Again

I Know I Put The Blame On You
I Hope You See That’s Half The Truth
I Thought You Meant To Hurt Me
Now I Know You Didn’t Mean It

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