Everywhere I Go Lyrics – Tay-K

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The new English song Everywhere I Go by well-known performer Tay-K was released by Tay-K Channel. Find the correct Everywhere I Go song lyrics.

📌 Song TitleEverywhere I Go Lyrics
🎤 SingerTay-K
✍️ LyricsTay-K
🎼 MusicTay-K
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Everywhere I Go Lyrics

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Everywhere I Go (Go, Go, Go)
Everywhere I Go

Everywhere I Go, Bitch, I Gotta Keep A Pistol (Gotta Keep A Pistol)
I See An Opp, Hollows Kiss ’em Like Some Mistletoe (Hollows Kiss ’em Like Some Mistletoe)
Everywhere I Go, Bitch, I Gotta Let These Niggas Know (Bitch, I Gotta Let ’em Know)
Everywhere I Go- Everywhere I Go….
That Nigga Had Dreads, Now He Got A Mini Fro (Now That Nigga Got A Fro)
Surgeons Had To Cut His Hair, Now He Gotta Let It Grow
Run Up On Lil Tay-K, Bitch, I…

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