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King Von, a well-known singer, just released a new English song titled “Family Dedication 2” through King Von Channel. Find the correct Family Dedication 2 song lyrics.

📌 Song TitleFamily Dedication 2 Lyrics
🎤 SingerKing Von
✍️ LyricsKing Von
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Family Dedication 2 Lyrics

(Raw Equity)
You Ain’t Got It In Your Background, You Ain’t Got It, Like, It’s Just, You Know?
Don’t Try To Go And Get It, Man
You Gon’ Get It For The Wrong Reasons And Shit, You See What I’m Sayin?
I Rap About What I Rap About And Shit, I Done Been Through Shit, I Done Saw Shit
I Was Put In Them Situations Just ‘Cause That’s How I Grew Up
That’s Just Where They Put Me At, I Ain’t Go Do That Shit Just For My Career Or None Of That Shit
It’s Just The Career, This Rap Shit Just Happened
After All The Struggle, It Just Finally Happened
And I Pop Up, I Just Pop Up
And I Know Who To Go To ‘Cause It’s The Same People, You See What I’m Saying?
So I’ll Stop Over Here, See My Homie Mama That Passed Away
I Hit Her With Some Shit, You See What I’m Saying?
I Go Over Here, I Hug The Kids, Take Pictures, You Know?
Go Over Here, Give ‘Em Some Money
Go To The Lil’ Candy Store, Buy The Whole Candy Store For The Kids
Just Lil’ Shit Like That, Lil’ Shit
Man, You Know, Shit That You Wanted A Motherfucker Did For You When You Was A Shorty
It’s Shit That You Wanted From Your Mom And Them
Nah, You Gotta Understand, Like
I’ll Always Look Out For Parkway, You See What I’m Saying? That’s My Block
These Are Really People I Grew Up Around For Like More Ten Years, You See What I’m Saying?
So, Man, It’s All Love, Especially Now, You Know?
Then Why Wouldn’t You Wanna Be Someone When You Was Fucked Up, You See What I’m Saying?
I Was Fucked Up And Couldn’t Do Nothing, You See What I’m Saying?
Now I Got It And The Same People, They See Me, Everybody So Happy, You See The Love In They Eyes
Yeah, Von Told Us
She Said Oh, Yeah, She , I Thought She ,I Thought She Was Gonna Be There
What You On Lil’ Foenem? With The Big Bonnet On
Look At Gang, Now Looking Like Your Mama
Hold On, Let Me Get On There, Ma
Where Your Head So Damn, Look At Sky, Looking Like, You Look Just Like Your Father
Ayy, That’s Messed Up, I Ain’t Gon’ Say That’s Messed Up, She Look Like Her Mama
We Finna Go In The Mall, Sky
We Finna Go On A Shopping Spree
I Love Dada
(Raw Equity)

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