Freestyle Canal Lyrics – Hopsin

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The new English song Freestyle Canal by well-known performer Hopsin was released via Hopsintv Channel. Find the correct Freestyle Canal song lyrics.

📌 Song TitleFreestyle Canal Lyrics
🎤 SingerHopsin
✍️ LyricsHopsin
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Freestyle Canal Lyrics

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Since Back Then [  ] I Ain’t No Different No Sunshine I Finna Paint No Bitching [  ] I’m Back Here To Stay So
Listen Raise Your Fists If You’re Down
With The Hop I Ain’t Gonna Miss [ __ ]
I’m Wide With The Shot Now Halo Sits
There’s A Crown On Your Top Don’t Make

No Sense How Styling I’m Hot Don’t Ask
Me When The [  ] I’m Dropping That New Never Knowing Imma Hop On That Boost Still On Top Of That Loop But Lyrically Game Of Choppers That You Ain’t No Telling Who Bout To Get It When I Got Your Back Boom That’s Blood On The Wall Like A Halloween Scene Who The [  ] Did
It They Know It Was Probably Me Yeah
Papa Need Three New Daddies Three Freaks
Gotta Put On A Rubber Before I Hopping
These Cheeks These Hoes Trying To Get A
Free Ride Gotta Be Wise From The West
Coast To The East Side If She Slide And
She Might Be Biting On Your [  ] Demons Word Now Your Pockets Drained In My Nerves Using Texts With Rage And Five Words [  ] Just Ain’t Too Safe Around
Her That’s Why I Stay Real Low-key
Melatonin In The Strap Make You Go To
Sleep It’ll Leave [  ] Tap Dancing With Both Feet I Am Not Taking My Chance Out Of No Streets I Ain’t Never Had Me Appearing No Dough Teeth I Ain’t Trying To Be A Target For A Slow Creep In The [  ] A Lot Of Targets Screaming No
Please Now You In A Realtor Pick A Rick
Oh Jeez Ah [ __ ] These Killers Gonna Do
What They Supposed To Do Now You Got No
Jumper Finally Posting You Doctors Ain’t
Able To Snitch Up Your Open Wounds
Everybody Faking Like They Was Close
With You But Nothing Got You On The
Billboard Well I Guess That Was
Something To Live For When The Devil
Pulled Up With His Pitchfork You Better

I Hope You Ain’t Stuck In This Shitstorm
I’m Live In A Damn The City Center Hoes
Know Me As H Man The Titty Liquor I’m
Ill Your Lame Ass A Pity [  ] Really No Need To Debate That You Kitty Litter A Penny Pick Up A Henny Sipper I’ll Be Brutally Beating On My Opponent And Chili Giver [  ] I’m A [  ] Gator You Melee Your Mini Picture [  ] Know
That You See Prodigy’s Golden It Really
Is Us
All Right

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