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English song “Hometown” by well-known singers Bandokay featuring Headie One, Abra Cadabra, Kush, Akz, RV, YF, and Kash One was released by Bandokay Channel. Find the correct Hometown music lyrics.

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Hometown Lyrics

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On These Streets They Watched Me Grow
On These Streets They Watched Me Grow
On These Streets

“The Old Days Were The Best”, Yeah, I Know (I Know)
We All Used To Run From The Five-O (We Did)
Before Headie One’s Days It Was Heads Out
Marni Lookin’ Out To My Bro’s (Facts)
See Party’s Used To Be Link Up Now When We Link Up We Both Gotta Let Bang Go
TJ Summers Ain’t Lie Tho’
I Used To Ram On The Hood It Was Cool And Fine Though
Plus I Grew Up In Tanja Man
Sauce Anywhere I Gotta Bussdown Tan, G
I Grew Up On Fambo’s
Fli-Flickies, Who Would’ve Thought Would’ve Copped Me A Handy?
‘Member Seein’ Pops On The Line, Now I Get Shivers When I Stand On That Street
I Lost Josh To A Motorbike
Plan A Was Never The Plan B
My Hometown Likes T But Fuck T (Fuck T, Fuck T)
Bruce Twelve Youth Club Was The Best, Always Givin’ Up With Fuckery, Yo
Me And Bro Went Halves On A Three Five
Then I Gotta Bust Or Cap Back Home If I’m Lucky Lucky
SJ Coulda Went Pro (Free ‘Em), But Instead He Caught Him A Duppy

On These Streets They Watched Me Grow
On These Streets They Watched Me Grow
On These Streets

Tottenham, I Was Raised In The Block, That’s Manchester
Surrounded By Dingers And Glocks
The Ends Hot, Couple Man Been Shot
I Was Fiendin’ Some Niggas That Stuck, To Hope That He Dropped
Old Block, One-Seven, It’s Us
I Give All The Mandem My Trust, They Know That It’s Love
I Was Doing It For The Whites Don’t Stop Wit’ Me
Got Me Ridin’ With Bro With Kitchens For Mummies (No Guns)
We Started Out Strong, Thirty Man, It Was Long
As Time Went On Couple Man Turned Soft
But That’s How It Goes When You Grew Up In Tottenham
Tried And Tested, I Deal With My Partner
But No Lie I Got Love For My Hometown
I Love Guns, Get Money In My Hometown
One-Seven Postcode Of My Hometown
I Walked G’s Get Real When It Goes Down (Ay, Yo)
Next Generation, They Know My Name When I Get In The Station
Know Me From Farm, They Know I’m A Paygon
Know I’m A Bad Man, Ain’t Writin’ Statements
Girls From Tino Got In A Rave
I’m Throwin’ Up Bad If I Ever See Shave
But They Say, “Don’t Bring No War To Your Doorstep”
But Shot Man Five Minutes From A Stay-In
This Is Our Hometown Where Two Guns Had To Be G One Times
So I Know I Can Call It The Gun Town
None Of My Bro’s Can Never Get Touched
I Think I’ma Ride ‘Til The Sun Down (My Bro)
Bro-Bro Said, “I Swear, Wallahi It’s Him”
Then He Got Shot Right Next To His Hometown
Reppin’ The Farm, I Ain’t Throwin’ Up T’s
It Ain’t Gonna End So I’m Throwin’ Up O’s Now

On These Streets They Watched Me Grow
On These Streets They Watched Me Grow
On These Streets

Back Then It Was Football Trainer
Community Center Payin’ My Stub
Grown Up Now And I’m Still In The Field
But This New Bitch Didn’t Come With No Starter
I Don’t Roll With Man I Can’t Say I Can Trust (Nope)
I Can’t Know If It’s Hate Or It’s Love
Who Runs The Hood? We Need To Discuss
If We Keep It A Buck, Gotta Say That It’s Us (Oh)
They Say, “Hoes Are The Hardest”
I’m Like Amiri On With The Icebox
Fuck Tottenham If It Ain’t My Block
Scorin’ The Opps, Them Lookin’ All White Washed (Haha)
They Were Old Friends, Now They My Opps
‘Cah The Two Went Eye Like Cyclops
Lord Knows When Will The Crime Stop
Shaved Them Back In The Side Like A High-Top (Ching-Ching-Ching)
You Know It Goes Down In My Hometown
Used To Friends, Boy We Just Foes Now
Rambells, You Gotta Keep Hoes Out
Drill Man Bake, Want Back And He Phone’s Out
You Bam-Bam But Still Get Paste
Used To Play Kicks On The L, Now It’s Showdown
On The Pitch, I’ma Shoot On Stage, Get Bunned Like (?), You Don’t Wanna Get Blown Down
You Don’t Wanna Get Bunned Down Like The High Road When The Feds Called Mark
Was Comin’ Together, Lootin Bare Shops And Burnin’ The Cars, Ain’t Better
‘Cah It’s All About Uni To Make Some Change And Go More Far
From Time To Makin’ It Spar
My Dogs All Bite But They Also Bark

On These Streets They Watched Me Grow
On These Streets They Watched Me Grow
On These Streets, Gang, Look

I Grew Up In Kitchen, A Road That’s Phillip Lane
Used To Go Farm From Time To Time
Mum Said, “Son, Don’t Go To That Place TV In Your Cousin’s House When It’s After Nine”
You Know I Didn’t Listen, I Was Just Tryna Pay Run Ups
Even If It Cost My Life
I Was On The Block When A Opp Got (Poh)
Back Then That Street Party Changed My Life
First Ever Shows That I Stepped In
Tanjmeer House, Ey, What A Fuckin’ Vibe
I Miss Them Young Days, No Gunplay
More Time Just A Kitchen Knife
Year Seven Me And Bash Shoulda Been In School Instead, We Was Out Robbin’ Motorbikes
From Young Bad Baz Was My Broskie, Even Tho’ We Had Loads Of Fights
Phillip Lane Cage Turned Me To A Soldier
Bro The Farm Turned Me To A Boss
I Was In PK Tryna Make Rondo
I Was With Kush Tryna Rate Man’s Top
Used To Have Bro’s In The Lane
If You See Me Out At The Tottenham Stage And Now It’s Bah
Let Me Hear A Man Screamin’ Out, “Skah, Skah”
We’ll Send That Straight To The Sky
I’m From A Block Where A Fed Got Killed On (Wo-Wo)
Where The Opps Get Drilled From
In The Hood Bare Free’s And
R.I.P’s They Lost Their Member They Still Ain’t Heal From
North Shit Lane To The Farm Estate, Asked The Hometown, “Who Run This Borough?”
We Used To Take Trips With Guys From The L, Now Shit’s Over There And They’re Taking Cover
And It Ain’t No Love In Man’s City, Is It Cuh I’m Up Front Like Rashford?
Like, Ain’t Gotta Run To Where It’s Parked Off
Come A Long Way From Park Run Up There
Had A Cell Wap Nate, So I Hid That There
Man From Them Side So I Clicked That There
Pulled Off Four Mile Grew And I Raid That
Try Take A Trip You Might End Up Here

On These Streets They Watched Me Grow
On These Streets They Watched Me Grow
On These Streets

Clear Batt’ It Was Alize Not
Brandy, Twenty Man Up And Ante Up In Tanjee
Before He Got Locked In Spots
Lord Knows We Had To Go Bury That Handy (Yeah)
‘Member When Brads Was Bradly? (Throwback)
And When We Called R, That Was Randy (Throwback)
Nowadays I Think Everythin’ Fancy
Seen Better Pride I’ma Comeback Like ‘Llow Me
Young Boy I Was Charged Like A Battery
Bought A Shotgun, That Was Comin’ In Handy
The Pack Looking Bulky
Had To Move Fee Fell In No Jumanji
I Asked The Fiends, “Then What Do They Fancy?”
I Hit The Roads, I Ain’t Listen To Auntie
Growin’ Up Front Street But Love The Backstreet
So Much I Got Covered In Cranberry
Didn’t Last Long So I Fell In For Sanjeet
Tried Take Him To My Spot Like Acne
HM Nottingham Could’ve Been Rambee
‘Cah I Got To Drill Right Like Banks Be (They Watched Me Grow)
Sadly I Had A Plan A Without A Plan B
I’m In The Penthouse, I’m With A Bad B
I’m Puttin’ Apple Juice In My Brandy

On These Streets
(Watched Me Grow)

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