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The new English song i believed i could fly by well-known performer Valley was released by This Is Valley Channel. Find the correct I Thought I Could Fly song lyrics.

📌 Song Titlei thought i could fly Lyrics
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i thought I could fly lyrics

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Twentieth Floor, I Almost Did It
I Get So Low I Try To Fly
My Hands Got Tired Of All This Steerin’
They Built The Car But There’s No Lights
Jesus Christ
I’m Takin’ Flight

A Train Goes By At Every Evening
But Mr. Mr. Changed The Track
It Might Be Going Some Place I’ve Been Reading
Hey Mr. Mr. Please Come Back
Please Come Back
Please Come Back

‘Cause I’m In A Lifeboat Far Away
Sinking Deeper Every Day
Catching My Breath Between The Waves
But I’m The One To Blame
I Know You Wanna Save Me
But It’s Better If You Don’t
‘Cause A Heavy Heart Is Hard To Keep Afloat
And If I’m Not Here Tomorrow, I Thought You Should Know

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