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Gunna, a well-known musician, has released a new English song titled “i was just thinking” through Gunna Channel. Look up the correct i was just thinking song lyrics.

📌 Song Titlei was just thinking Lyrics
🎤 SingerGunna
✍️ LyricsGunna
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i was just thinking Lyrics

Start of the Lyrics

I Was Just Thinking This Shit I Could Have Avoid
Can’t Afford Shit Tell I Make It On The Forbes
A Lot Of Shit I Did A Niggas Wasn’t There To Say I Start
I Never Crossed Lines All I Did Was Play My Part
I Ain’t Sign For A Dime To My Name I Had A Quarter
Just Like At Twenty Five Didn’t Have It All In Order
Niggas Think I Died They Don’t Know I’m Immortal
No I Don’t Need No Brown But Back Like At The Carter
I Just Been Getting High I Don’t Want To Never Be Sober
She Said Going Ride So I Got Her The Big Rover
Young Gunna Getting Wiser
So Do Ever Think It’s Over
We Done Cut Off Ties I Done Gave Them The Cold Shoulder
I Swear This Life A Mold You

Right Back The Fuck On And I Know It’s Been A Minute
Bought A New Wardrobe Bitches Saying A Nigga Skinny
Pockets Still A Lil Chubby You Know I Got To Get It
Tell You This Time Around They Going Hate They Went Against It

Uhhhh Uhhhh Uhhh
They Going Hate They Went Against It
Uhhh Uhhh Uhhhh
Yeah A
Uhh Uhhh Uhhh Uhhh
Yeah A
Uhhh Uhhh Uhh

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