life with mobiles

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life with mobiles: mobile is a thing which is mostly used and needed in this generation. as we know teenagers bring up the confidence to introduce mobiles. mobiles have a main thing that holds is internet


teenagers use mobiles in such a way that makes them regret it later. some people have got addicted to games and some internet apps that are helpful and helpless. but literally, there is no specific reason to use mobile. life with mobiles goes well but sometimes blackmail and roasting come in between likes humps that destroy the whole vibe of a mobile addict.


advantage of mobile that helps some people to earn and get famous. also, cause of mobile some people’s passions are connected through internet apps like , Instagram, Facebook, Moj etc. there are many financial apps too and have part-time job that makes their life move easily and gives information about the particular thing that they get stuck in. life with mobiles can give a couple of enjoyment in life.


Life without mobiles is not impossible but they can face difficult problems but they shouldn’t get addicted to it. men who invented mobiles now men are incomplete without mobiles. life with mobiles can destroy a good life . mobile and internet such a thing whose another name is a slow poison that kills humans mentally and also harms them physically.

Life Before using SmartPhone

life before using smartphone was little weird. life with mobiles made easy later. people had to suffer due to sending messages or sharing a useful message it was a huge process to pay or order stationary things. the whole generation was not updated while using a normal phone.

Life After using SmartPhone

life after using smartphone had bring up our generation and turned it in such a way that is a updated version which makes our process of life makes easier to pay or buy things, smart phones are theatre for homes because we can download movies and we can collect information about some inspired people. children get inspired from googles information and also the parents who are uneducated their kids teach them due to google. life with mobiles or smartphone is easy to live in every corner of world.

How Cell Phones Revole Accroding to Times

cell phones got revoled according to times first the phones were in kepad which was easy for only calls and its other version was for messaging and calls but its another version was just lit like it is unexplainable it ruked the country like first we had to choose the way for shops but now in this generation smartphones would gives the shps way to our homes there are no worries to buy things, book a ticket , order food etc. life with mobiles gives some bad way to get regret in future but it also shouts loud in ears that without mobiles something is very boring in life a part is missing in life without mobile and internet.

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