Maybach Truck Lyrics – Soulja Boy

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The new English song Maybach Truck by well-known performer Soulja Boy was released by Soulja Boy Channel. Find the correct Maybach Truck song lyrics.

📌 Song TitleMaybach Truck Lyrics
🎤 SingerSoulja Boy
✍️ LyricsSoulja Boy
🎼 MusicSoulja Boy
🏷️ Music LabelSoulja Boy

Maybach Truck Lyrics

Want No Smoke
I’m Getting Money My Huh I’m Gonna
Make That Trunk I’m Gonna Maybe
Try Don’t Kill Us Song My Money Yo
Draco That’s My Whipping

Sleep With A Stick On A Dresser
Wanna Smoke With The Gang Pissed
On Shot Getting Hit At Your Back Boy
Ain’t No Game No Cap In My

I’m Getting Money My I’m In A
Maybach Truck I’m In The Main
Over Them Killers And
They’re Sticking Up Meals Yo I’m In The
Trenches And Knocking Out Offs I’m
Stacking Up Kill Yo I’m In The Maybach
Truck All Feeling Like Superman I Got
That Still Yo I’m In The Dresser With
Killers And Young
Trap Out Beverly Hills Money Game
I Do It For Real
Heart This Ain’t Night Quill
Trying To Make It Hard To Stop Boy Papa
That Cut For Real Right Now I’m Gonna
Hunt In The Show Man You Some
Hoes Man I Blow Chop It On Flow

Smoke Niggy Smoke For Testing The
Game I’m Playing None Of This
Man My We Pushing On I
Don’t Know The You Hang With You
Ain’t My Partner You Ain’t My Click
Finish On Shop Where I Need You Stick
Wanna Smoke With The Game
Pistol Shot Getting Hit At Your Back Boy

Don’t Gain In My Rap Little

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