NO! NO! NO! NO! … Lyrics – JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown

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The new English song NO! NO! NO! NO! by well-known singers JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown was released by JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown Channel. Find the correct NO! NO! NO! NO! lyrics.

📌 Song TitleNO! NO! NO! NO! … Lyrics
🎤 SingerJPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown
✍️ LyricsJPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown
🎼 MusicJPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown
🏷️ Music LabelJPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown

NO! NO! NO! NO! … Lyrics

No Turning Back

When I Was Just Eighteen, The Judge Put Me On A List
Bitch, I Ain’t Baby Keem, My Cousin Ain’t Gave Me Shit
They Don’t Want No Peggy On The Scene, So I Pray ‘Fore I Fuck On They Bitch
‘Cause They Know That Lyin’ Is A Sin, But She Used It To Get By Us, Woo
One In The Head Of Ya, A Hunnid Gon’ Follow, That Flew On The Case
Told Her These Bust Out The School With The A
Eatin’ These Rappers, We Ain’t Sayin’ Grace
I’m Finna Slide In Your Girl Like I’m Safe
Doubled Up On These Niggas Like Ma$E, Wait
Uh, I’m Finna Make It Start Boomin’, Babe
Gettin’ Shitfaced, I Don’t Even Wan’ Face It
Think My Shit Laced ‘Cause These Niggas So Basic
In The Face, I’m Ahead Of My Time
Kool Keith, That’ll Save You A Lot
Rappers Want Credit But Just Get Declined (Damn, Ayy, Ayy)
Uh, Transform On These Bitches Like Optimus
Playin’ These Crackers Like Oculus
Peggy And Danny, No Stoppin’ Us, Come And Shop At Us
MLG, No Toppin’ Us
The White Boy In Me Keep Poppin’ Up, Shake It
And My Bitch Is The Same When She Wasted
Call Her Boo When I Hear That She Shakin’, Yeah
And You Hate That

No Turning Back, Yeah

It’s The All Back Up Off The Sauce
Stacks It, Caution, Crawl Back With Offers
All Lack The Boss Up, Toss Up The Fent
A Hit, My Mouth Wack, Up On The Track
Be Scared, All Cap, Big Pocket When I Pick Pockets
Ziploc It, Let Me Flip Topics
Drop It On The Run Like Father
Fuckin’ Niggas Heads Up Like County Jail Barbers
More Highs Than Mrs. Parker And Lows Like Blind Dates
I Rise Like Crime Rates When Unemployment Is Up
You Signed With Mad Taste, Ain’t No Fuckin’ With Us
My Nigga, Just Give It Up
Catch You Like You Forgot Your Lines
Joggin’ Early With The Rollie, That’s A Race Against Time
You Ain’t Fuckin’ With Mine
No Way You’re Fuckin’ With Mine, Ayy
It’s All There, You Ain’t Gotta Count It
I Don’t Want A Bad Bitch, Just Need A Real Rounded
Be From The City, We Focused On Hope
Fuck This Ho With My Nose, So We Focused On Dough
Put An Elf To My Shelf, Forgot Where I Put It
Don’t Remember What It Said, So I Gave Up Lookin’
Guess I Need To Slow Down ‘Round Brown Weed
Brown Fiend, You Got A Change?
‘Fore I End Up Like Clarence Weatherspoon
Niggas Better Read The Room Or Get Canceled Like Sellin’ Chitlin Spoons

I Have Decided To Follow Jesus
Lord, Take Me

I’m A Legend, With The Essence
Of A Reverend That Was Pimpin’ In The ’70’s, Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha
Now We Say Them Bitches, That’s What I Call Longevity
I’m Hotter Than Corduroys In St. Croix
Remember Days For Dinner All We Had Was Egg Rolls? Ha-Ha, Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha
But Ended Up With Greens In Bed Rolls
Eye Rolls And Head Shake Could Break Any Second
Gotta Give Niggas, Oh, Whatever, Man
I’m Extra Cautious, Whatever You Call It
Paranoid, I Guess, But I Feel Like A Target
Pardon Me If I Come Off Aggressive, Extra Defensive
Offended By Your Presence
So Let Me Get A Second, You’ll Always Be Second
I’ma Give You A Lesson, This Is Chess, Not Checkers
Came Too Far To Get Near-Sighted, Lights Blinded
No Guidance, Gone Off Track
Runnin’ Lights, Railroad, Blindsided
Try To Keep My Guard Up Knowin’ I Can’t Fight It
Went Left On The Wrong Path, Somewhere Got Misguided
Sayin’ I’m Done, Back Again, Livin’ Free, Trapped Again
When It’s All Said And Done, We’ll See What’s Happenin’
Too Old For Mistakes And Too Young For A Accident
Feelin’ Like I’m Captive, Wanna Get Away
Depressed When It’s Sunny So I Pray For Rainy Days
Every Time I Think I Found It, I Went Astray
They Wanna Give You What You Need
But Never Let You Get Your Way
Livin’ Too Fast, Everything Goin’ Slow
Seeds Planted, I’m Just Waitin’ On The Grow
Keep It To Myself, Everything Ain’t For Show
Used To Think I Knew It All, But Now I Don’t Know, A-Ha-Ha

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