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Joe Hisaishi, a well-known singer, recently released One Summer’s Day (English Version) on his Joe Hisaishi Official Channel. Discover the correct One Summer’s Day (English Version) music lyrics.

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One Summer’s Day (English Version) Lyrics

Start of the Lyrics

Drawing White Clouds
In The Blue Sky

Trails Of Planes So
Endless Chasing By

All The Way Into Wherever

From Today Into Forever

Like It Knows What
Tomorrow May Bring

Breathing Lightly And
Shallowly In My Chest

And Those Winds Cooling
Down My Heated Cheeks

Im Remembering
What The Future Holds For Me

Makes My Hands
And Feet Get Weak

A Quiet Voice Inside
Will Untangle Me

Oh I Want To
Scream Out Loud

When My Memories Come Back
One Small Life In This World
In The Blistering Heat

Beaming Sun Sways In Peace
On Your Shoulder

One Summers Day

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