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Popular musician Malcolm Todd has released a new English song titled “Roommates” through his Malcolm Todd Channel. Find the correct Roommates song lyrics.

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🎤 SingerMalcolm Todd
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Roommates Lyrics

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Time Is Moving
With Situations I’m Not Choosing
And We Both Wanna Say “I’m Sorry”
For Something That We Cannot Stop
You’ve Been Alright
You’re Losing Time For Me And Our Fights
So I’m Done Ridin’ For You, Baby
Now This Gon’ Be The Last I Got

I’m Losing The Person I Was When I Found You
Am I Acting Different When I’m Not Around You?
I’m Being Dramatic, I Say That I’m Losing
I Wanna Show You All The Things I’ve Been Doing
I’m Going On Dates And I’m Hanging My Head
I Wanna Share An Apartment, A Room, And A Bed
I Wanna Tell You I Love You, But I Cannot Reach You
I’m Learning To Lose, That’s A Thing They Don’t Teach You

Can’t Take You Home
You Have Shown That You Won’t Go
So I’ll Go All By Myself
And When I Try Someone Else

I’ll Still Miss You
I’ll Miss You
Help Mе Through
When I Try Someone Еlse I’ll Still Miss You
I’ll Miss You
Help Me Through
When I’m

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