Silent Assassin Lyrics – Tkay Maidza & Flume

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New English song Silent Assassin by well-known artists Tkay Maidza & Flume was released by Tkay Maidza Channel. Find the correct Silent Assassin song lyrics.

📌 Song TitleSilent Assassin Lyrics
🎤 SingerTkay Maidza & Flume
✍️ LyricsTkay Maidza & Flume
🎼 MusicTkay Maidza & Flume
🏷️ Music LabelTkay Maidza & Flume

Silent Assassin Lyrics

This That Wrist Hit Rubber Band Clip Undefeated Flow
Nauseating Sick Yeah You Hating From The View
That’s Too Bad Suck On This
It’S Hella Fatal U Fool Tryna Hack On This Clip
I’M So Unanimous
& I’M Jigsaw Not A Quick Fix
Never Competing Nah I’ll Be Accurate
Been Hitting Targets From A Stool
What Your Catch Incompetence
I’M Proper Tense
I Keep Moving No Silly Games I Quickly Gaining Speed On Nigga

See You Lacking
I’M Quick To Move And Attack Em
I’M Tactical No Attachments
I’M Doin It For The Passion
No Trends Apologise For Offence
I’M Up And Over The Fence
Shitting On You Depends
I’M Sweet But Seeking Revenge

Over Your Head Over Head Smoke A Op Done
These Little Heads Not In They Bread Make It Stop Son
Leave Impaired Deeper Then Dead When I Drop Some
Red Dot On Cos I’M Locked On
Don’T Breathe On Me I’M A Silent Assassin
I Eat Only I’M A Silent Assassin
Got Keys On Me I’M A Silent Assassin
Don’T Sleep On Me I’M A Silent Assassin

Run It
Run It

Run It Up Up In The Streets I’M Gtas Ricky Bobby
50 Kill Im On Streak I Cods Now They Caught Me
Run The Bill Up When I Eat Then Chuck A Brick In The Lobby
I’M Out The Box They Wanna Beef We Can Get Rowdy Like Roddy

It’S Off Of The Chest My Syndicates Are Moving Like Chess Teflon The Vest
Heavy Weight I’M Elliot Ness
You Don’T Wanna Test
Write You Off Then Leave In The Night
U Fiend For The Light But I Don’T See Your Season
In Sight

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