Stick To The Plan Lyrics – Soulja Boy (Draco)

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New English song “Stick To The Plan” by well-known performer Soulja Boy (Draco) was released by Soulja Boy (Draco) Channel. Find the correct lyrics to the song Stick To The Plan.

📌 Song TitleStick To The Plan Lyrics
🎤 SingerSoulja Boy
✍️ LyricsSoulja Boy
🎼 MusicSoulja Boy
🏷️ Music LabelSoulja Boy

Stick To The Plan Lyrics

Start of the Lyrics

I Stay With My Glizzy
Trappin’, I’m Servin’ Them Pounds Through The [?]
I Make It Look Easy
VVS Diamond, They Flawless

Pop Out The Cut, Pop Out With Draco And Then We Gon’ Bust
Pop Out The Cut, Pop Out With Draco And Then We Gon’ Bust
Sippin’ On Act, Act, No Tuss
She A Lil’ Freak, Put My Thumb In Her Butt
Smoke Out The Pound Now We Good For The Month
The Backwood Is Stuffed With [?] Double Dutch
Draco, Flip A Nigga From The Front
Let Go Of My Eggo Unless You Wanna Fuck
[?], I Feel Like Fabo What The Fuck?
She A [?] Freak, Had To Hit It From The Front
Got The AR On Me And That Shit In The Trunk
[?] Dead Body In The Trunk
But You Want The AR Or The Pump?
Or You Want The [?] Or The [?]?
I Pull Up With [?]

Walk In This Bitch With A Stick On Me
I Got A Brick On Me
Ridin’, With A Bad Bitch On Me
I Fucked Your Bitch, That Solved Your Mystery
How The Fuck These Lil’ Lame Niggas Had To Switch On Me?
Run Up On Gang, On [?] You History
Big Backwood Stuffed Like A Centipede
Mansion In L.A. And Condo In [?]
Hundred Thousand In My Teeth Got A Mouth To Feed
Straight Up Your Block, Chop-chop, We Shoot Heat
300 Soldiers I Feel Like I’m Chief Keef
Fuckin’ Your Bitch, You Know She A Freak Freak
Lil’ Soulja Boy Savage, Shoutout To RiRi
Bad Bitch With Me And She Rockin’ Fendi
I Bought All The Gucci And Now I Want Fendi
Run Up On Draco I Squeeze The Trigger ’til It’s Empty
[?] A 30, I Stay With My Glizzy

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