West Coast Weekend Lyrics – Tyga, YG & Blxst

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New English pop song West Coast Weekend by well-known singers Tyga, YG, and Blxst was released by Tyga Channel. Find the correct West Coast Weekend song lyrics.

📌 Song TitleWest Coast Weekend Lyrics
🎤 SingerTyga, YG & Blxst
✍️ LyricsTyga, YG & Blxst
🎼 MusicTyga, YG & Blxst
🏷️ Music LabelTyga, YG & Blxst

West Coast Weekend Lyrics

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It’s A Party On The Weekend, Got A Lil’ Shorty, We Creepin’
Throw Somethin’ In My Cup (My Cup)
But I Still Can’t Show No Love
I Got Hoes For Every Season, Shorty Wanna Play, She Leavin’
Don’t Try To Say “What’s Up?” (What’s Up?)
When You See A Nigga In The Club, Yeah

You Probably Shady As The Last Trick (Yeah)
But I Ain’t Trippin’ On This Bitch
‘Cause I Know Your Type, Girl, You On Some Pop Shit (Straight Up)
I Can’t Complain, ’cause I Have Fun (Yeah)
It’s Just My Luck, When I Get A Girl, Always Want Another One
New Coupes, Drop-tops, That’s How We Livin’ (Ooh)
Chrome Hearts, Diamond Cross For My Religion (Yeah)
You Could Be Rollin’ With A Thug (Thug)
Instead You On The IG, Lookin’ For A Nigga Who Gon’ Show You Love
I See You Watchin’, Oh, You Want It
When Shorty Climb On Top
Throw That Ass On Me, Show Me How You Get Up On It (For Sure)
I’m Still Faded From Last Night (Yeah)
I Know You ’bout It, Slim Thick Body On You, But You Keep It Tight (You Keep It Tight)
You Leavin’ With Me, Or Baby, You Fakin’?
All This Envy Enough, They See The Money I’m Makin’

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